New Zealand Fungi and Bacteria (NZFUNGI).

Landcare Research has recently developed and installed a new suite of data management software for the national organism collections. The suite facilitates management of reference collections (living and preserved), taxonomic, nomenclature, literature, images and metadata. The next phase of this development will provide new tools and services for end-users to access these data. This development will include both new web portals and web-services, providing improved data-access, data-sharing and integration with national and international federated data networks such as the New Zealand Virtual Herbarium, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, the New Zealand Organisms Register, and national spatial data services.

NZFUNGI2 is a temporary web portal providing limited access to live data content from the New Zealand Fungal and Plant Disease Collection (PDD) and the International Collection of Microorganisms from Plants (ICMP) together with additional taxonomic, nomenclatural, image and literature-based data. It does not mirror the functionality of the existing NZFUNGI website. The NZFUNGI website remains available; however the data content remains static as of May 2011.

End users requiring detailed information on the national organism collections at Landcare Research may use the Systematics Collections Data (SCD) public access web portal. This portal is intended for those requiring access to collection-level details, and to facilitate requests for loans of material and ordering of cultures. Registered users of SCD are able to access restricted content. Enquiries for registered access to SCD should be made to

This development is supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

A notification service for changes to data in Fungi Names Database is available as an ATOM feed.