A number of external data-sets have been used in checking and compiling information. In particular CABI's Funindex, Dictionary of Fungi classification, and databases of family names have been invaluable. Landcare Research is a member of a partnership which manages the IndexFungorum global nomenclator. All of these data-sets are available on-line at CABI Bioscience Databases.

The following publishers and individuals are acknowledged for permission to reproduce species descriptions and keys.

  • CSIRO PUBLISHING - Australian Systematic Botany
  • ROYAL SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand Journal of Botany
  • NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF CANADA - Canadian Journal of Botany
  • MYCOTAXON LTD. - Mycotaxon
  • Geoff Ridley, Ann Bell, Clive Shirley, Shirley Kerr
  • BRITISH MYCOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Mycological Research

Both the Department of Conservation (DOC) and the NZ Terrestrial and Freshwater Biodiversity Information System programme (TFBIS) are acknowledged for providing funds to enhance this resource. Specifically TFBIS funding has allowed us to increase the number of descriptions, illustrations, identification keys and to collate information on the biostatus of fungi. The National Reference Collections and the associated information infrastructure are supported the New Zealand Ministry of Science and Innovation.