Data Quality

The NZFUNGI database of fungi and bacteria was developed primarily for managing the national reference collections. It is a working document, in constant upgrade and improvement. Quality of data with regard to presence of a taxon in New Zealand varies: - from 'high' where New Zealand records are based on material recently examined by specialists through to 'low' where records are without supporting voucher material, or appearing in dated literature, and in groups without modern taxonomic revision or resident New Zealand specialists. Landcare Research staff should be consulted whenever there is any doubt about presence or absence of a taxon in New Zealand.

In addition, the quality of the information relating to names which have been used in the literature in New Zealand is higher than for other names present in the database.

Please let us know if you detect any errors in the data. The data is continuously curated and updated and changes will be applied to the website frequently. The taxonomic content of the site is reviewed by the specialist systematists within Landcare Research in collaboration with workers throughout New Zealand and elsewhere.