NZFUNGI (New Zealand Fungi and Bacteria) provides online access to:

  • New Zealand Fungal and Plant Disease Collection (PDD) - dried specimens
  • International Collection of Microorganisms from Plants (ICMP) - living cultures of fungi and plant associated bacteria
  • Taxonomic information and New Zealand presence/absence status of important fungi, plant associated bacteria and viruses
  • Relevant literature references with content indexed against host/pathogen
  • On-line descriptions, images and identification keys to many taxa

In 2001 a suite of legacy databases relating to mycology, bacteriology, systematics and pathology were consolidated into an integrated information resource and some (but not all) of these data, were made available through the NZFUNGI website. The development of NZFUNGI was one output from the Database Integration Project (DIP) which ran from 1999-2004 and was partly funded by the Foundation for Research Science and Technology. DIP was focussed on redevelopment and accessibility of the data contained in the seven FRST Nationally Significant Databases & Collections maintained by Landcare Research. The New Zealand Fungal and Plant Disease Collection (PDD) and the International Collection of Micro-organisms from Plants (ICMP) are two of those national reference collections. The data associated with the dried and living collections of fungi and bacteria form one part of the NZFUNGI information resource. In 2010 a new suite of tools was developed and deployed for managing collection and taxonomic data relating to the national reference collections managed by Landcare Research. This web portal is a preliminary interface to the data managed by those new systems.